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Flourecent Tube Octahedron

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During my studies in lighting design, in the group of students we had the idea of hanging a giant octahedron in the lobby of a gallery. The flickering cold light of the fluorescent tubes should support the concept of the exhibition in the gallery aesthetically. The image above shows a tiny model of the object. We build it in the design process of the object. The first prototype of the octahedron was made of wood and the second and functional structure was made from drywall profiles. I welded the center piece from steel square tubing. In the housing are 12 special ballasts for dimming the fluorescent tubes. It needs 12 dimming circuits to take control of all the tubes. My neighbor Series Noirés arranged the music for the video. The track is called "Control". I had a lot of help with the videoproduction.

> Sidefacts:

  • 150 Meters cables inside the structure
  • Entec DMX USB Interface for interact with a computer
  • Control Software on Laptop: Freestyler

Here is a Video of the octahedron in our backyard