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Here is a Video of the useless Box

Useless Website, useless content, useless box! This was one of my first projects with an arduino microcontroller. As you can see in the video, its made from simple materials. The code for the microcontroler is also very simple. It constantly reads the value for the analog input. When the toggle switch is pressed, then a HIGH signal is read and the servo makes one movement. The angular position of the servo , operates the toggle switch and the analog input gets a LOW signal. In a later version of the useless box, a random integer between 1 and 10 was generated each time the switch was operated. So 10 different movements of the servo were linked with 10 randomly produced integers. The circuit is powered by a 9 volt block. Sadly i can not provide the source code of it, because i dont have the file anymore. One day i will build another useless box and i can provide the source code on my site. In the following you will find a list with the used parts of my useless box.

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